East Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia: Everything travellers need.

Excerpts reprinted from The City Voice. By Sheryl Dubois. Published: July 2019, The City Voice (no longer available online.) Reprinted excerpts: November 2019.

Amenities, beautifully-themed oceanside suites, the sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, and, a secret map.

Where to stay

Consider staying a couple of nights at Moonlight Beach Suites (Suites). After 23 years of hosting, Jane Dominie and partner/husband Calvin Dominie deliver exactly what visitors need.

The second-floor suites open onto decks overlooking the ocean. All rooms are equipped with kitchenettes, WIFI, fireplaces and much more. Find a jacuzzi or steam shower bathtub in each en-suite bathroom. …

Trails & Heritage

… 10 km Atlantic View Trail which hugs the shore and moseys right by Moonlight Beach Suites …

Dominie says the folks who stay at Suites also get information about secret trails and look-outs, known only to locals.

Surf, Kitesurf or Kayak

… Surfers are out all year long at Lawrencetown Beach, Dominie points out, where the surf is considered “world-class.”

Hidden Gems

… Acadian Tea Room/La Cuisine de Brigette and the Rose and Rooster Café and Bakery. Order the Korean Breakfast Wrap, Breaky Buddha Bowl, Acadian Fish Cakes or one of several vegan options.

At the storied MacDonald House you’ll find an engaging art gallery … exclusive vintage clothing, shoes and accessories … a café…


Want to get a new volunteer experience under your belt and leave the community you are visiting a little richer? Check out Hope for Wildlife in neighbouring Seaforth, to volunteer anytime, or contact Cole Harbour Parks and Trails Association to help at the Salt Marsh Trail on Saturday mornings.


A rainy day at the beach, but the surfers are out in the distance. Moonlight Beach Suites offers the sound, smell, feel and view of the Atlantic Ocean, up close and personal. Jump in the waves or learn to surf, kayak or kitesurf. It’s all here. (Jane Dominie)

A dining room table in front of a window

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Moonlight Beach Suites faces south. Visitors relish the uninterrupted sunrises and sunsets, like this one, taken from the front yard of Suites. (Jane Dominie)

A sunset over a body of water

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Jane Dominie co-owns and operates Moonlight Beach Suites, built in East Lawrencetown by Jane and her husband Calvin Dominie, 23 years ago. Here she enjoys a mid-day walk on the beach, just outside the four suites.  (Calvin Dominie)

A person standing on a beach

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The nearby and celebrated Salt Marsh Trail, traversing Cole Harbour and Lawrencetown, is part of Canada’s Great Trail and a designated “Migration Hotspot” for birds and other species.  A must-experience for trail lovers. (Emma Dubois)

A bicycle is parked next to a body of water

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