The Great Trail, Canada

How a search for interesting volunteer gigs turned into two newspaper articles and content for The Great Trail website.

Poking around social media in search of interesting volunteer gigs, I learned of the Cole Harbour Parks and Trails Association (CHPTA).

Salt Marsh Trail, June 2019. Photo: Emma Dubois

Volunteers with CHPTA work on one part of the Canada Trail – the Salt Marsh part – most Saturday mornings, “drop-in” style.

The Salt Marsh Trail represents 6 km of The Great Trail (AKA the trans Canada trail) crossing Canada.

Michael McFadden, Chair of CHPTA, agreed to an interview about CHPTA, their work and the volunteer experience. The result of that conversation was published by the Chronicle Herald on June 3, 2019. You can view the article here.

The Great Trail. The Canadian Trail. The Canada Trail. All the same trail. 240,000 km, 13 provinces and territories (November 2019) The map shows where the trail lies across Canada.
Map of the Great Trail. 240,000 kms over 13 Canadian provinces and territories. Retrieved November 17, 2019

Michael later let me know The Great Trail was searching for a writer to cover The Salt Marsh trail.

That led to a wonderful opportunity to cover not just the trail, but the surrounding area as well. Find that website content here.

The Great Trail also wanted an interview with a regular visitor to the Salt Marsh Trail. I had completed a story on The Nova Scotia Bird Society, and thought, “birders.” Michael suggested Marty Zelenietz.

Find that website content here.

After researching places to visit in Cole Harbour and Lawrencetown, and interviewing several business owners, I realized I still had words unshared. “Talk about East Lawrencetown: It’s like a resort.”

Some photos compliments of Emma Dubois and Sheryl Dubois, July 2019.

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