Cape & Cowl Comics & Collectibles owner, Jay Aaron Roy

Entrepreneur Jay Aaron Roy enjoys marvelous times in his comic bookstore

The City Voice, February 18, 2020, p. 1-2

By Sheryl Dubois

After five years, entrepreneur Jay Aaron Roy, creator and owner of Cape & Cowl Comics & Collectibles (C & C) in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, moved his store to a larger location.


Asked for the secrets of his success, Roy reveals the store’s top ten superpowers in a recent telephone interview.

  1. “My store is a catchall.”
  2. “I know this community.”
  3. “I have cool things in my store!”
  4. “Comic books and collecting are popular right now.”
  5. “My age group is having kids.”
  6. “The store is a community hub.”
  7. “Helpful service.”
  8. “We have kid-friendly stuff shelved at their level.”
  9. “The Leighann Wichman Safe Place.”
  10. “We have space for events.”

Visit Cape & Cowl Comics & Collectivles at their new location 622 Sackville Drive or call 902-252-3452.

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