Jen Powley, advocate, organizer, writer

People that get things done, that change society, have many things in common. For example, they are ambitious AND passionate about their cause.

Jen Powley is the same, if you don’t count the severe disability – which in honesty is hard to do. Jen’s words need to be relayed by an assistant, her wheelchair pushed, and feeding tube filled. But her brain, that’s where all the glory is. Afterall, how many people do you know who could dictate, word for word, an entire memoir. Not only was Just Jen: Thriving through Multiple Sclerosis published by Fernwood Publishing, it won a book award in Atlantic Canada.

Powley expects her next book to be published in May, 2020.

Read more HERE in an article published by the Chronicle Herald, March 5, 2020, by Sheryl Dubois, Halifax volunteer, advocate fighting to keep people with disabilities from being warehoused.

Jen Powley and Emma Cameron. Contributed by Emma Cameron.

Apostrophes and Amperstamps. We can help.

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