Women that Hunt

Nothing could have surprised me more. I went into the brief – to profile the group called Women that Hunt – with trepidation. Could I write positively about something I didn’t ‘believe in’? Hunting, I thought, is not something I could get behind.

I was not on the phone a minute when president of Women that Hunt (WTH) manged to open my mind. Firstly, my definition of hunting was like one pebble. Her definition was the whole beach. Linking hunting, conservation, independence, confidence and the environment – well it was what I needed to hear. Read about it here, in The Guardian Newspaper in PEI, published March 6, 2020, by Sheryl Dubois, Nova Scotia’s Women that Hunt group targeting misconceptions.

Contributed by Women that Hunt president, Kelly Countway.

Apostrophes and Amperstamps. We can help.

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