If I have a care in the world, I have a gift to bring. – Indigo Girls, Hammer and Nail

Making Money

I work “on-call” and by contract (since 1993). Sometimes part time, sometimes full time but (almost) always from my home office.

I own and operate a very successful Homework Club (since 2015) for elementary school children attending Beaver Bank Monarch Drive Elementary School.

I served as editor (2016-2019) of a 28-32 page quarterly publication  Nova Scotia Christmas Tree Journal (NSCTJ) now in its 32nd volume.

I answered an ad for a freelance community writer in July 2017 and since that time have sold and published more than ninety (90) stories, mostly on my favourite subjects – volunteering, volunteers and non-profits.

Since 2017 I’ve seen my stories published in Our Social Market News, Nova Scotia Christmas Tree Journal, American Christmas Tree Journal, Chronicle Herald, Halifax Citizen, Bedford-Sackville Observer, Dartmouth Tribune, South Shore Breaker, Valley Harvester, Truro Daily News and The City Voice.

This summer (2019) I am also writing content and taking photographs for Canada Trails (www.thegreattrail.ca), which is exciting.


I love volunteering and volunteers. Always have. My parents volunteered – even my dad, in a wheelchair.

If an organization needed door prizes, well they’d ask my (late) dad. My (late) brother and I often accompanied my dad to the local shopping mall to get these prizes. As my dad often asked, “who is going to say no to a guy in a wheelchair with two kids?” Indeed.

My mother is a volunteer gorilla. She is more than 80 years old and still volunteers regularly and for everyone. She never cared about whose cause was doing what – if someone needed something, they’d call June. She’d always figure it out.

My first memory of volunteering was at Patricia Park in Montreal. With my mother, behind a table, we sold hot dogs and cotton candy, drinks. I was not more than 10 years old and I loved it. People treated me…well, not like a kid, but as someone that mattered. I volunteered with my mom many more times, each time a great memory.

I still volunteer. Recently I partnered with Roberta Hibbert to help create and found Social Marketplace Society. We fundraise to produce markets and give tables away absolutely free to nonprofits and fundraisers – to promote and enable social spending. We also publish Our Social Market News. Proceeds help our efforts to promote non-profits and fundraisers. Please visit http://www.OurSocial Market.ca to find out more.

I also volunteer some time to Beaver Bank Business Association (BBBA) (founding director), Rocky Hollow Ranch Nova Scotia (member) and Square Roots – Lower Sackville (monthly volunteer). The latter (Square Roots) is where I get to volunteer with my sweetheart, Rick.


I earned a BA in Sociology from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, in 1992, completed the Honour’s Program and graduated with distinction.

I like to say I earned a PhD in Parenthood during the 1990s and 2000s.

At Home

I live in Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia, with my sweetie, Richard Carruthers and our two cats, Rascal and Murdoch.

Contact me anytime:

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