East Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia: Everything travellers need.

East Lawrencetown, Lawrencetown and Cole Harbour offer an array of activities, trails, history, art, historic properties, eateries and suites for visitors – making it feel quite like a resort.

The Great Trail, Canada

Looking for interesting volunteer gigs. Found that Cole Harbour Parks and Trails Association offers ‘drop-in’ volunteering on Saturday mornings. That search led to two newspaper articles for The City Voice, and two features for The Great Trail. Extraordinary.

Sackville Youth Expo

Story about the first annual Youth Expo in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada, organizaed by Jay Aaron and Rainie Murphy.

Wise Group

This page is about the Wise Group people – they are in HRM and volunteer and/or fundraise for an impressive array of causes.