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Writing a tourism itinerary for a day trip along the Salt Marsh Trail,

-spots for taking in areas of natural beauty (five photos

-activities/sites – thinking the tea house in Cole Harbour…

-bars/restaurants to visit nearby .

-overnight stay


In one direction continue on to Shearwater flyer trail, in continues into the Atlantic View Trail, and connects on the left to Cole Harbor Heritage Park. In one direction continue on to Shearwater flyer trail, in continues

19.5 kilometre , features lake…. gravel terrain

dogs on leash, kid friendly, cross country skiing, hiking, mountain biking, nature trips, snowshoeing, trail running, walking, bird watching, lake, views, wild flowers, wildlife, unshaded parts, flat terrain, wheelchair friendly, stroller friendly, have internet?, park benches at regular intervals? all skill level

Parking available at either end of the trail — best parking at trailhead on Bisset Road

Marsh changes when tide goes in and out

It should be similar to what you can find on our Journeys page:

Photo – Descovering the beauty of Salt Marsh Trail in network of trails


Afternoon –

Photo Getting there – Fly to airport XXX …..

Photo Where to stay…..

Photo Tips for taking you dog? For birding?


Writing an article/interview (600-800 words) with someone who has a personal connection with the Trail (an avid cyclist, photographer, Trail volunteer, local food producer, etc.). This story on our website is a good


Around 8-10 photos of the Trail that we can use alongside the article and the itinerary.


-Trail 5 photos —

-Interviewee – photo face, photo him with binoculars, photo of birds

-tea house


-Lawrence town beach? Tea House?

Cole Harbour Farm historic properties

471 – 475 Poplar Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B2W, Canada